Welcome to Littledown Miniature Railway
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Dear Visitor,
The Littledown Railway is open for train rides within the Littledown Park, running trains as advertised below..   

We would please ask all of our visitors to be respectful of others when on our station and trains, and please follow any safety related instructions given when you visit us.

We must still be careful, Covid-19 is still a threat to everyone's health. Our coaches are regularly sanitised and please feel free to wear a mask should you wish to do so.

Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to seeing you at the railway.

Come and enjoy a train ride in the beautiful setting of Littledown Park.

The railway is usually open for rides on Wednesdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays from 11am to 3pm.  
When the weather is cold or wet, or the park is quiet, the trains may not run or may finish early. 
Rides cost £1 per person.

Please Note, we can now accept
  card-payments for your train rides.

The Train Ride 
Littledown Miniature Railway runs for 1/3 mile through a wooded area in Littledown Park. The eagle-eyed traveller may well see both squirrels and rabbits along the way. 
A variety of different locomotives are used to haul the trains, some belonging to the Bournemouth & District Society of Model Engineers, and some owned by individual members.  Your train may be hauled by a steam locomotive, an electric (battery) locomotive or a petrol locomotive.  On busy days, you may see all three kinds of motive power in use! You can find out more about the locomotives by clicking here. 
Spend some time watching the model trains on our Garden Railway (1st & 3rd Sundays of the month) 
To check whether trains are running at a particular time, you can telephone 07879 355 399.  This mobile number is for voice calls only and will be available while the track is open.  
N.B. For technical reasons, this number is not suitable for text messages
Littledown Park is about 4 miles North-East from Bournemouth Town Centre and is easily reached by road or by public transport.  Bournemouth Station is served by Cross-Country and South Western Railway; there are frequent buses from the station. 
Parking is available at the BH Live Active Leisure Centre car park.  The track is a couple of minutes walk from the car park.  Take the path between the main Littledown Centre Building (Western end) and the Football Pitches. The Railway will be found towards the end of this path, where it meets the grounds of JP Morgan. 
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